Rainy day woman


Rainy day views

It’s mid-May in Joburg and it’s raining. It’s raining like I should be in Cape Town or London. This is not normal Joburg weather. Then again, there has been nothing normal about this week for me, so I shouldn’t be surprised.


My child made me Banting-friendly pudding 🙂

In fact, it’s been quite a week from hell. I had about 10 meetings (seriously not my favourite way to occupy my precious time), most of which were unproductive, a number of (thankfully mild) altercations, kittens that needed medical attention, no money and needy children (they’re always needing things, like food and love. Hell, this job is full time!). I thought I’d end the week on a high by going to see a show at Monte Casino (not my favourite place to trek to either), only to discover that the show is in two weeks time.


Insides out

It was at about that point that I realised I should just surrender to what is. Mercury is in retrograde and communications are severely tricky at the moment (I’m not kooky – you tell me how well your internet and electronic devices have worked for the last few weeks?!) I guess something else to consider is that everyone is waging their own battles and sometimes we just get caught in the crossfire of these. I do wish everyone could just try to realise this instead of trying to draw me (particularly) into their storms. I’ve got my own stuff to deal with!


Looking up

So this morning I woke up to good news, dragged myself out of bed and went to yoga. Good move! Getting into my body and out of my head was exactly what I needed. Afterwards I popped into the Melville Farmers Market to get some veggies and then came home and got straight back into bed. I’m listening to Bob Dylan this morning, and the world feels fine again.


Floating head Buddha

I need to remember that it is not hard for me to release stress. I mean, some stresses are horrid and lingering, like money woes or illness. But whether I surrender and go with the flow, or resist and stress, the inevitable result is that everything turns out just fine. Always.


Today I’m going to practise what I preach to my children (those I gave birth to as well as those many that I mentor at school): I’m going to rest and recover, I’m going to get some homework done (an English teacher’s work is NEVER done) and I’m going to plan my way out of the deep dark financial pit I seem to be stuck in. If anyone is willing to pay me to lie in bed after yoga on Saturdays to write, I will happily accept your money.


Sunstrike – I love a little rear-view mirror shot 😉

If you’d like to throw money at my other talents, I will gladly take your money to drink wine and laugh, to engage in political arguments (I am a great Devil’s Advocate), play with your kittens, take random photographs, talk you through your problems and help you find solutions, play Scrabble or Bananagram. I’m a great friend, shoulder to cry on, advice giver, listener, mischief sharer. I am good at looking at art, watching movies and travelling. Oh, and I love to shake my chassis on the dance floor, so maybe you could employ me as a guest at your gig or party (you know, if you need to fill spaces, or something 😉 )


Not my words – I would never try to get away with some of those!

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks which will make me less gloomy: I’m taking my children to The Magic Flute at the Joburg Theatre this week. By all accounts, it’s a fantastic  Next Saturday is the Kingsmead Book Fair, which is a highlight on my calendar. All literature lovers should be there. You can look at my previous blogs about the book fair here and here. In TWO weeks time, I’ll be going to see the one man show Battle of da Sexes at Monte Casino (and I’ll chuckle about being two weeks early until then, I’m sure). I’m also going to The Full Morty at the Joburg Theatre at the end of the month.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining

The fact that I’ve come to the end of this reflection and my iTunes has moved from one Bob to another and Mr Marley is telling me that “every little thing’s gonna be all right” is really soothing. I believe him. Have a happy week folks. EGBOK. 🙂

One response to “Rainy day woman

  1. So peaceful actually to read your head. I love you and admire you so. I wish I could pay you for each of your many talents…God, your financial troubles would leave you forever. Xxx

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