Helping hands

Helping hands

My nearly 14-year-old and her friend had to do some community service for school last term, and she didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. I remembered that my friend’s mother, Cora Bailey, was doing amazing work rescuing animals at Claw – Community Lead Animal Welfare – and we made our way to Durban Deep on a week-day morning over half term.

Claw has two branches – Durban Deep Mine and Krugersdorp – which both rescue animals in dire situations in the nearby townships and help township pet lovers to look after their pets by offering a free clinic.

The girls helped out by walking the dogs and playing with the kittens (well, mostly by playing with the kittens) and I chatted to the staff about what their needs are. They get some funding from generous benefactors, and donations from the public. They always need newspapers, pet accessories like leashes and blankets, and of course medicine and food.


How could we not take these ones home?

At Claw, they have to deal with the most horrendous cases of animal abuse – dogs which have been used in fighting, or which have been severely beaten, and neglect of the worst sort. We tried (unsuccessfully) to coax a dog out for a walk who had previously been hit on the head with an axe. Heartbreaking!


This poor guy got hit on the head with an axe 😦

The team there are doing really fantastic work, and not only helping people with their beloved pets, but also educating them about best-care practices. No animals will be treated without a consent to sterilise them during the treatment. And, of course, the communication and investigation on behalf of the team leads to so many animals being rescued from horrible situations.

Mila and Lucas (previously known as Lily)

Mila and Lucas (previously known as Lily)

We lost our beloved old ginger cat in October last year, so what enticed us most was the rescue kittens, and we left, fully resolved to make a plan to adopt one. Before the week was out, I had returned and adopted not one but two black and white furballs as a surprise for my girls. They have proved to bring a most loving and youthful energy into our house and the children adore them. We all do.


Bundles of Joy

If you are considering getting a pet, I urge you to consider a rescue pet before you go to a pet store or a breeder. An added bonus to adopting from Claw is that inoculations and sterilisation are included in the R500 adoption fee. That’s a real bargain. And by donating to Claw, you are rescuing hundreds of other animals who otherwise might be left out in the cold.



Check out their website here, to find other ways you can donate or contribute. If you are in Johannesburg and would like to donate pet food, newspapers, pet accessories like leashes or collars, blankets or cleaning material, and you don’t want to drive out to Durban Deep, contact me through this page and I’ll arrange to deliver the donations on your behalf.


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