District Six Eatery

D6 Eatery

D6 Eatery

Do yourself a favour and book a table at the D6 eatery in Emmarentia. I was lucky enough to eat there this week with my supper club. They do authentic malay cooking, and they do it really well. I seem to recall hearing that the owners hail from Cape Town, which makes sense, but I was too busy catching up with my girlfriends to ask questions.

D6 Menu

D6 Menu



It’s wonderful to have friends to share life’s dramas and trivialities with. Between the Tomato Bredie, Lentil and Veg curry, Butter Chicken, Lamb Curry and Oxtail, which we shared, we discussed everything from banting to 40th birthday party recovery and issues with our children. The food was fantastic. My favourite dish was the Tomato Bredie, and not just because reminded me of my late mom, who used to make a good one.

Spirit of District Six

Spirit of District Six

The restaurant was packed (it is smallish – probably about 6 or 7 tables inside) and cozy. The decor is reminiscent of District Six in the Cape, and the Tweede Nuwe Jaar parades. I can only imagine that the jackets adorning the walls are authentic ones from those celebrations. I guess the Cape connection is close to my heart – my family hails from Cape Town, and my darling sister lives there, so it’s one of my favourite places in the world.


IMG_3671The prices didn’t break the bank, and the service was good. They are licensed to sell alcohol and their wine list is decent. R60 corkage if you choose to bring your own. So for a warming winter meal, get yourself to the District Six Eatery eatery in Emmarentia. It’s local and lekker. I’m sure you’re going to love it.IMG_3673


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