I wanna dance with somebody!

I love to dance. When the music gets in me, I can’t help myself. It doesn’t even have to be music that I particularly enjoy.

It's Whitney, bitch! (Thanks, A ;) )

It’s Whitney, bitch! (Thanks, A ūüėČ )

I’m not professing to be any good at dancing. I did modern dancing for many years as a child. I loved it, but I was not cut out to be a dancer dancer-¬†I failed my last exam and gave up on the idea of dance classes.

But I am a dancer – music appeals to¬†something so primal in¬†me. I can’t help but connect with a rhythm and move my body. You’ll find me dancing around a fire at a drumming circle, grooving in my car, stomping my feet at a night club, swaying my hips in my living room. I just can’t help myself.



When I got the opportunity to go to The Greatest Love of All – The Whitney Houston Show, I accepted the invitation, even though I’m not a Whitney Houston fan and I don’t believe in tribute shows like this. Why did I go? I wanna dance with somebody!

Whit the F!

Whit the F!

South African Belinda Davids is an amazing singer who looks remarkably like the late Whitney Houston. She was chosen from hundreds of international wannabes to play the role of Whitney in this stage production, which has made its way around the world. I find it a little weird that she has dedicated her entire life to imitating¬†Whitney Houston. I guess that’s the saddest thing about our music industry – a huge talent will rarely¬†fill theatres here unless they are doing a cover show. For me that’s quite a waste of talent – we could just as well have watched Whitney videos or listen to the CDs. The freakiest part was when Davids¬†sang “I will always love you” with a huge video of Whitney in the background – copying every move! It was like a live video.

I will always love you

I will always love you

While The Greatest Love of All (and all similar “tribute” shows) are not my thing, I completely acknowledge that it was very good for what it was – the musicians and dancers were all incredibly talented and the lighting, backdrops, costumes and choreography were most professional. Whitney fans all around me were kicking off their shoes and having a ball (except for the one man nearby, who kept nodding off, despite the squeals from his parter). If you’re a Whitney fan or you like this sort of thing, then I would suggest you get to the Joburg Theatre soon and experience all the hits (I’d seriously forgotten just how many of those songs I know!).

I guess the greatest letdown of all for me was that there was no Bobby Brown stage, and the only time things looked like they might spiral out of control was when Belinda made her way into the audience to dance with somebody – and even that was tame ;). Despite myself, I sprang out of my chair often and danced with somebody – with somebody who loves me.

My love is your love

My love is your love


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