Pain in the neck

Sick puppy

Sick puppy

I woke up with a dreadful pain in the neck earlier this week. I’m used to pain – I have ongoing lower back issues which I am able to ease with yoga and stretching and core exercises and anti-inflammatories, most of the time. This was different. I could barely turn my neck, and to stretch my right arm out for anything inflicted pain I can only compare to being stabbed (even though I’ve never been stabbed). My friend who tried to massage it said I had a knot the size of a four year old child in my shoulder! I applied heat and tried to stretch it, to no avail. At work, one of my Gillians (a physiotherapist in one of her last incarnations in this lifetime, and general healer of bodies and souls) intuited the culprit nodule, applied pressure and nearly sent me through the roof. I haven’t experienced pain like that since I tried to give birth to my 4.3kg baby! I subsequently went to see the in-house nurse who hooked me up with anti-inflammatories and pain killers and TLC.

By day two I had more mobility, but still pain, and people started to tell me what I should do to solve the problem. Suggestions from Chiropractor to Physiotherapist to Acupuncturist arose from my colleagues. I decided to do what I do when my car makes a strange sound – ride it through until it goes away, unless it gets really bad, in which case I’ll get help.

I thought about why I have a pain in the neck. Papering over cracks and treating symptoms is one thing, but one always needs to think about the underlying cause of any dis-ease. I don’t even need to read up what Louise Hay would say – it’s obvious isn’t it? A pain in the neck means that someone or something is giving you a pain in the neck! I do tend to hold a lot of tension in my neck. My yoga helps me to release a lot of that, and regular whinging sessions with friends or my therapist help too. But sometimes one just has to shout from the rooftops. Here goes:

My pain in the neck is caused by:

Money: Whose idea was that anyway? What a bad one.

People (and companies) who don’t do what they are supposed to do: If you’re a provider – provide! If you’re a carer – care! If you’re a parent – parent! If you’re a lover – love. It’s generally not so hard to do what is expected of you. Just do it! (I loved the commentary I heard on the radio the other day which spoke of Eskom being the only company on the planet that asks you not to use their product).

Dishonesty: Tell the truth. Say what you mean. If you’re angry that I’ve done something which you find offensive – tell me. I’m dreadful at picking up hints and guarded garbled messages. I’m not one for conflict, but many misunderstandings could be solved with honesty. Just say it! Don’t throw insults at me that aren’t mine. Don’t give me issues that aren’t mine. Don’t tell me one thing, only to reveal the truth later. Start by being honest with yourself.

Non-communication (or poor communication): How is it possible that in the age of communication we have got worse at communicating? Is everyone with Hellkom? I know Mercury is in retrograde and all, but really, if you just tell people loudly and clearly what you mean or what is happening, things will ease up a lot.

People who don’t own their issues: If you are old enough to read this, you are old enough to take responsibility for your actions. If you mess up – which we all do – just own that shit. People will forgive you for making mistakes if you don’t try to pretend it never happened, or worse still, pass the buck. There is a consequence to every action. Sometimes that consequence is unpleasant to have to deal with. Unpleasant isn’t the end of the world. It’s better than taking no responsibility for your actions and blaming someone else. People who don’t know themselves are often very quick to lash out at others. The solution? Know thyself.

Slow or non-existent internet connections: Telkom. That is all. (There is a reason this post has no photographs yet. That reason is Telkom).

Our Roads: Potholes. Inconsiderate drivers who flip you the bird for following the rules. Parents who don’t strap their children into the car.  Unroadworthy vehicles, especially those that spew black poison into our breathing air. Neighbours’ visitors who sit on the hooter until their mates come. Rubber-neckers at accident scenes. Non-existent road name signs. Metro police who don’t pull over people who break the rules right in front of them. Metro police who only pull people over in search of a bribe. Skipping red traffic lights. That woman who nearly drove into me the other day, who then proceeded to invite me to hit her (in front of her toddler standing between the seats!).

Pseudo-democracies: If I feel like my voice is heard, I am happy. Please don’t ask me to vote on an issue, and then disregard popular opinion. Please don’t ask for my opinion or my advice and then totally disregard what I say.

Some of the ~isms and ~phobias: Sexism, racism, homophobia, intolerance in general. Greed. Poverty. There is more than enough to go around. I don’t mind idealism and bagism. Or arachnophobia. It’s 2014, for goodness sake! Isn’t it time we all respected each other? Stop all this nonsense of dropping bombs and spilling oil and fracking and stealing children and forcing people to marry and not allowing others to marry. Evolve!

Injustice. When our police and courts and lawmakers fail us, what are we supposed to do? It’s little wonder we live in such a lawless society. When the system favours the bullies over the little guys, then we have a problem. Why do good people have to suffer because careless ones are being careless? I can’t stand unfairness!

Ah! I can feel it easing already. I’ll apply some heat and a glass of wine. I’m sure that’ll do it.


4 responses to “Pain in the neck

  1. My pain in the neck is caused by the Dept of Home Affairs. My daughter lost her ID Book. She submitted a reapplication. She is now told that she is sharing he ID Number with someone else. To add pain to injury, she has to have her birth confirmed at the Florence Nightingale Maternity Clinic which is no longer in existence. Their records cant be traced anywhere. Brent Hurst Clinic does not have any records although the two clinics were allegedly merged. So this is a real pain in the neck.

    • I’m so sorry, Dudu. That sounds like a real pain in the neck! I hope you find a kind soul at Home Affairs to take up your case, and that your daughter doesn’t find that she’s become a 45 year old male from a strange place. I was also born at the Florence Nightingale. I can’t believe their records have all disappeared. Good luck!

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