A Delightful Indulgence


Indulgence Cafe on Beyer’s Naude Street in Northcliffe is one of my favourite spots in Jo’burg. It’s an eccentric little place owned and run by an eccentric woman – my favourite combination. Mandi Freedman is a busy woman. As if running a popular cafe isn’t enough, she also has Lollipops catering company and is a prolific dabbler in arts and crafts. I mention this because the products of Mandi’s many talents adorn Indulgence in fascinating ways.


You see, it’s not really the food that I love about Indulgence – although the food is good. I love  the quirky placement of all sorts of objects and paintings and things of interest.Image

I love that Indulgence hosts regular author talks with good writers, and monthly events like a quiz evening, music nights and special brunches. Once in a while Indulgence hosts a Kink and Fetish market where you can buy anything from paddles to penis-shaped biscuits. I love that the first to welcome you as you enter the door is usually Amiga, Mandi’s lovely hound (seen below with Pieter Dirk Uys).

ImageI love to browse through the second-hand books for sale (the proceeds of which go to the SPCA) and the arts and crafts and homemade treats inside the shop. I love to discover another hidden treasure which I haven’t spotted before.

In short, Indulgence Cafe is just my cup of tea. I enjoy a little mid-week break there for sushi. I enjoy a glass of wine while listening to amazing people talk about their work. I enjoy the comfort and the quirk of the place. Maybe I’ll bump into you enjoying a delightful indulgence there too. Image


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